Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Importance of Email Marketing

So what's the importance of email marketing?

Customers are the lifeblood of any business, online or offline, right. Sales representatives are employed by businesses in the real world to call on potential clients on an on-going basis, until they get a client. On the Internet the process should be the same, but unfortunately all you have is your website, and what I see more often than not, are websites set up to market their products to one prospect at a time. There’s no continuity, no relationship building, and as a result, inevitably less customers and less sales.
You see the thing about list building is that, your email list is the solution to bridging this gap between unique visitors and consistent visitors.
I don’t know about you, but rarely will I make a purchase from a website without knowing full well who’s behind the screen. Any sales professional will tell you that a customer will need between 5 -10 contact sessions before they buy from you. Without a list, you have no chance of following up after the initial first time meeting. Yes, list building is not only another marketing tool to get more sales, it is absolutely essential in the online world and can be the difference between making 10 sales a month to making 100 sales a month. Of course, the quality of your list ultimately determines how many sales you make over all.
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How Not To Build Your List:
There are plenty of marketers out there making a living online from promoting to their email list, but they still have no clue how to do this effectively. One thing you must always keep in mind throughout your list building campaign is that your list is personal. You should only build a list through an opt-in system. People must give you permission to contact them, and you should NEVER try any of the following:

1.      Harvest email addresses from website without consent

2.      Buy list CD’s or databases

3.      Send promotions to anyone who has not agreed to see your offer

There are very good reasons to adhere to these suggestions. Firstly, it’s illegal, and spam laws are enforced in many countries. If someone reports you for spamming, you can have your website taken from you, or at least your rankings taken away.  Secondly, the people you send offers to don’t know who you are and will not be interested in what you have to offer. Email lists should only be created by mutual consent, and that means they must opt-in to give you their permission to contact them.

What You May Not Know About Lists & Email Marketing:
Most marketers earn 90% of their income from their email lists, and these lists have been built over time. I guarantee that most will not tell you this statistic, but it’s true. Very few sales are made by single visits to a website. As I mentioned earlier, it takes time to set up and build an email campaign that gives you the chance to build relationships, trust, and turn prospects into customers.

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